Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Book of Halloween by Ruth Edna Kelly

Title: The Book of Halloween
Author: Ruth Edna Kelley
Read by: Oliver Vale
Publisher: New Paradigm Press Audio
Length: Approximately 2 hours and 31 minutes
Source: Review Copy from Narrator Oliver Vale – Thank-you!

I am a big fan of holidays.  As a child, I used to love to read every book I could get my hands on to find out more about the background of all of the holidays I loved to celebrate.  As an adult I enthusiastically decorate my house for the holidays with my children and still love to read about the holidays.

The Book of Halloween is a vintage book about Halloween from ancient times to the early Twentieth Century.  Oliver Vale bring the book to life as an audiobook narrating all of tales, myths, and legends that make up the background of Halloween across different countries in the world (mostly Great Britain).  This includes that Halloween takes place on the important date that several cultures celebrated.  

I was sad that The Book of Halloween didn’t contain more detail on how Halloween is celebrated in the United States and the history in this country of where all of our traditions came from.  Also a lot of the information seemed very randomly put together with not much transition between ideas.

Overall , I enjoyed this audiobook and learning the background legends from the past that form the basis for Halloween.  It put me in the Holiday spirit!

Do you have a favorite Halloween book or tale?

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  1. I like the look and sound of this vintage book/audiobook. Fabulous review, Laura! Have a safe and happy Halloween!