Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London Review and GIVEAWAY (TLC Book Tours)

During Droughtlander, it is nice to find Scottish tales that will entertain you as you await more from the world of Outlander.  Sinful Scottish Laird is a good fit, set in 1742 in the highlands, just shortly before Claire Randall would have stepped through the stones to the past and just before the uprising of Scotland against England.  Daisy Bristol, Lady Chatwick, is forced by her late husband’s will to remarry within three years or she will forfeit her son’s inheritance.  Waiting for her childhood sweetheart to return from sea, Daisy escapes to the family hunting lodge in the Scottish highlands. There an outlander, or Sassenach, Daisy tries to repair the lodge while also meeting her neighbors.

One neighbor is Cailean Mackenzie, the Laird of Arrandale, who has no use for an Englishwoman in the highlands, but he finds himself strangely drawn to her.  Daisy is not only a beautiful woman, but different.  When the rumors of her money and predicament are scattered throughout the highlands, many suitors come to vie for her hand.  Cailean had his heart broken by a Sassenach in the past and isn’t sure whether he should pursue her or not.  When her childhood sweetheart shows up, is he all that he seems to be?  Cailean is suspicious of him and not just because Captain Spivey is in the royal navy and the enemy of a smuggler such as himself.  Will Daisy marry her childhood sweetheart or will she find new love with Cailean?

Work has been incredibly stressful lately and I found the Sinful Scottish Laird to be a good escape novel.  The romance was fantastic with the will they or won’t they narrative and I really liked the time period and highlands setting.  I also loved the many call outs to Outlander, intentional or not.   Cailean even has a line where he says he is a man not a priest which reminds me of what Jamie said to Claire on their wedding night.  The Sinful Scottish Laird is a romance novel and the storyline lacks the complexity of the Outlander novels, but if you are looking for a light read, it is a perfect fit.  The novel is steamy at times, but I think the scenes were written in good taste and not over the top.

I like the direction that more modern historical romances, including the Sinful Scottish Laird have taken. Daisy is a woman in her own right who is not waiting to be rescued, she is trying to figure out how to move her life forward to find happiness for herself and her son.  She also embraces her own desires and is not ashamed to fulfill them.  This is not your Grandma’s 1970’s romance with a  wilting violet who does not know what she wants until it is forced upon her.

Favorite Quote:

“She loved the way he treated her, with respect.  As an equal. “
Overall, Sinful Scottish Laird is a perfect escape read with just the right amount of simmering passion.

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  1. Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway, Laura. This romance sounds like a very nice escape read. I like the quotation you chose to highlight. It's perfect for today, International Women's Day. I will add a link to this giveaway to my blog's sidebar.

  2. A good escape novel is what I need right now - real life is just way too stressful!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  3. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to reading it.
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