Thursday, July 20, 2017

Star Trek Prey: The Jackal’s Trick (Book 2) by John Jackson Miller

A sci-fi adventure that includes a tale of vengeance one-hundred years in the making, Star Trek Prey is an epic original tale that includes many favorite Star Trek characters.  The Jackal’s Trick is the second book in this series, and it starts right where Book 1, Hell’s Heart left off. 

To be honest, the story is quite detailed and I find it hard to do it justice, especially as it is in the second book in the series.  In general, a young lieutenant of Kruge, (Klingon Kirk killed at the end of Star Trek III) Korgh, spent 100 years plotting his revenge and how to take over the house of Kruge.  Using rogue Klingons who were kicked out of the empire, now called the Unsung, Korgh was able to mastermind his takeover.  But there are other players involved including Worf who is on a mission to avenge the assassination of Kahless, and Admiral Riker and crew who are trying to protect all participants in a peace conference.  Will the Unsung continue to follow their leader?  Will the tricksters involved get their due or host the biggest con in the galaxy?

The Jackal’s Trick was an action packed book.  I’ll admit I thought the storyline was all tied up at one point and thought, how could there be a third novel, only to have the storyline really explode on me and surprise me in the direction it turned.  I loved books that can continually surprise me!  I also loved that so many characters of Star Trek are involved including Tuvok from Voyager.  I love all of the different threads of this story.  I’m actually almost finished with Book 3 and I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Robert Petkoff is the perfect narrator for this audiobook. He does amazing voice acting for all of the different characters that makes this a very enjoyable audiobook to listen to – especially for a lifelong fan of Star Trek like myself.

Overall Star Trek Prey:  The Jackal’s Trick (Book 2) is an enthralling adventure story that continues the journey started in Hell’s Heart.  It perfectly captures the Star Trek world and characters with a fantastic voice narrator.  I highly recommend this audiobook!

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