Thursday, October 6, 2022

Will by Will Smith


Title: Will

Author:  Will Smith

Narrated by:  Will Smith

Publisher: Books on Tape

Length: Approximately 16 hours and 27 minutes

Source: Checked out from the Kewaunee Public Library through Overdrive.  Thank-you!

 What celebrity from your youth would you like to learn more about?

 I was already curious about this book, but after the infamous slap at the Oscars, I decided I wanted to listen to the audiobook.  I had seen great reviews of it.

 Will is a very enjoyable audiobook experience.  Will Smith is an expert narrator.  He is expressive and fascinating to listen to.  I also loved the use of music and sound effects throughout the audiobook. 

 This audiobook starts out hard with abuse that Will watched as a child that his dad inflicted on his mom.  Will felt ashamed that he didn’t stick up for his mom.  He had a complicated relationship with his dad.  He both inspired and terrified him.

 This book is a great look into fame and family and how it all shaped Will Smith’s life. 


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