Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Matchmaker's Christmas by Donna Simpson

I've already expressed my fondness for Christmas romances - this is my last one for the 2007 season! Luckily it was also most enjoyable of the Christmas books I read this year. A Matchmaker's Christmas is a regency romance that had great character build-up, a slight mystery, and kept you wondering if the perfect couples would ever come together or not. It was a delight to read and great when you are overwhelmed with work and stressed out like I've been lately! I also liked that it stressed the ROMANCE and not the . . . let's say intimate relations that other romance novels are all about.

Lady Elizabeth Bournard is eighty years old and realizes that it will be her last Christmas on earth. She wants to celebrate by being among the young and living and by doing a bit of matchmaking. Her godson, David has not moved on since the death of his young wife twenty years before. Wouldn't be make the perfect match for Lady Bournard's companion Beatrice who hides a secret of her own? Lady Bournard's friend's nephew Rowland, is a young parson in want of a wife and Lady B. has a young fiesty relation from the "colonies" that is in need of a husband. With the addition of two other houseguests, Lady Bournard's matchmaking does not go as planned. Who will end up together? Will true love prevail? What is Beatrice's secret?

I enjoyed the novel greatly and liked how one couple (David and Beatrice) was an older couple. It was nice to read about second chances with love mixed in with the young and in love. If you are looking for a light Christmas romance that is actually romantic and not smutty, I highly recommend!