Monday, December 17, 2007

I am Legend

Ben and I actually went on a DATE sans Kile on Friday night. For all of you with small kids - you know how exciting it is to get away once in awhile! We went and saw I am Legend, on opening night no less. It made me feel young again, except for the fact that the entire movie theatre was over run with teenagers. I think we were the oldest people in line to get our tickets! Our actual showing of I am Legend was packed - I'm not too surprised to see it was the number one movie of the weekend.

I am Legend is a post-apocalyptic story of Robert Neville (Will Smith), the seemingly lone survivor of a virus that killed most of the population. Neville is a military scientist that has been searching for a cure for the man-made disease that killed 90% of the population, but turned 9% into light sensitive monsters that feed on human flesh for the past three years when the disease mutated and became airborne. Roughly 1% of the population was immune to the disease, but the mutant humans quickly killed them, leaving Neville to believe he may be the last non-affected human left on the planet.

The first part of the movie centers on showing Robert Neville in an empty New York City trying to survive by going through his daily routine with his faithful dog Sam. He has a daily routine, which involves checking out DVDs at a local store and talking to the mannequins, harvesting food and hunting, and trying to find a cure. Although Will Smith was by himself (except for his faithful dog) I found myself revited in watching him, especially because of the spectacular imagery of the empty New York City. The hunter/gatherer alone in an urban setting gone wrong. It was quite affecting. I think the cinematography on this film was fantastic as was Will Smith's performance.

After Neville captures an infected woman to run his latest vaccine on, he becomes stalked by the infected ones lead by one that appears to be smarter than the rest and obssessed with finding Neville. After a particularly tragic sequence (one that had me crying - hey I'm pregnant and emotional), Neville becomes a man on the edge. He is losing his grasp of sanity after being alone for three years. At this point, a woman and boy show up that heard his daily radio message looking for survivors. There is a showdown between the infected ones and Neville's group . . . and the end is something you'll need to watch to find out!

I thought the end seemed to come too soon - I think the movie could have been longer. It was a good ending though although I kind of wish parts of it could have been different (you need to watch it to discuss it with me!). This is a movie that has kept Ben and I thinking and discussing it for the past three days. You don't want to think too hard about some things (just how could the woman and boy drive to Manhatten with all of the bridges gone?), but other things pose interesting questions for debate. What would you do in an empty world with infected people out to eat you? Would living in New York City be a good plan for the infected (how do they find food) or Neville (so many infected people that could hunt him but also unlimited resources)? Why does Neville think hunting deer from a Mustang would be a good plan? Which one of our dogs would make a good 'Sam' that would be a bonding dog, but could protect us (we vote Jack)?

I didn't like the computer graphic animals in the movie - I thought they looked very fake. The scenary was very good though.

If you like sci-fi movies I recommend this movie. If you don't like post-apocalyptic thrillers, this movie probably isn't for you, although Will Smith had a fantastic performance.

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  1. do yourself a favour and read the book on which it is based by richard matheson. from what i've heard, they did a very poor job adapting the book (hint: the book does NOT have a happy ending). it's one of my favourite books.