Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Yuletide Treasure by Cynthia Pratt

Ben kept looking at this book and asking what exactly the "Yuletide Treasure" was. I kept explaning to him that this is a nice regency romance Christmas novel with no sex in it. He was not convinced. I think the "Yuletide Treasure" is love!

In this novel, Camilla is going to visit Nanny Mallow as her mother assists with her sister's delivery. She arrives to discover that Nanny Mallow has taken a nasty spill and needs assistance. Camilla goes out in a snowstorm for help and is rescued by Sir Philip, her companion on the coach ride to the village. Sir Philip takes Camilla and Nanny back to his home to stay during the storm. Sir Philip has a dream to become and author and Camilla helps him while love blooms.

The characters were great in this novel, but the ending seem very rushed. Different subplots were not finished, most glaringly, Tinarose's love for the Doctor. I think this novel would have been better if it would have contined on for another 50 pages or so.

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  1. Gosh...I wrote that! I was browsing around as the book's being re-released on and ran across your review. I agree that the ending was a bit rushed -- I guess I was enjoying the characters so much I kind of forgot about the word count. Still I'm glad you enjoyed it.