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Interview with Victoria Connelly, author of Mr. Darcy Forever (and GIVEAWAY!)

I love Victoria Connelly's Jane Austen Addicts series.  They are smart, romantic novels for the Jane Austen lover in all of us. The latest in the trilogy, Mr. Darcy Forever is another wonderful novel.  I'm still catching up on my reviews, but I should have it posted within the next week.  Until then, you can read this fantastic interview with Victoria Connelly herself and leave a comment for a chance to win the novel.

LAG:  Say it isn’t so . . . I read all three and loved all three of your Jane Austen Addicts series. Does this trilogy really need to end? Is there any way you can be persuaded to continue the series?

VC:  Well, I am actually writing a novella sequel which I’m hoping to bring out on Kindle in November/December. It’s going to be called ‘Christmas with Mr Darcy’ and it will reunite the main characters from the trilogy as they gather for a special Jane Austen conference at Purley Hall in Hampshire. There’s also a bit of a mystery when Dame Pamela’s first edition of Pride and Prejudice goes missing!

LAG:  What was your inspiration for Mr. Darcy Forever?

VC: I kept thinking about Elinor and Marianna in Sense and Sensibility and wondering what they’d be like it they were alive today. I also wanted to write about the amazing Jane Austen Festival in Bath – people come from all over the world to take part. It’s really inspirational and I knew it would make a great setting for a story.

LAG: Would you consider yourself more of a “Marianne” or an “Elinor?” Why?

VC:  I think I have elements of both. The creative side of me that grabs hold of a new idea for a novel and runs with it is very ‘Marianne’ but I’m also very cautious like Elinor in most areas of my life. I plan and I think things through carefully.

LAG:  Do you have a sister? If so what does she think of the sisterly relations in Mr. Darcy Forever?

VC:  I’m afraid I don’t have a sister. I have a brother but I don’t think he’ll be reading the novel!

LAG:  I love how part of the novel took place in Barton Cottage from the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. Did you stay in Barton cottage yourself for research? How did you find out about it as a place to rent out?

VC:  I discovered a marvellous company called Pride and Prejudice Tours and they hire the cottage out so you can stay there. I went in a weekend in May and it was glorious – all the bluebells, red campion and cow parsley was out. It’s a beautiful house overlooking the estuary and I kept imagining that Willoughby and Colonel Brandon would turn up on horseback at any moment!

LAG:  I love how the story is set in Bath. Do you attend the Jane Austen Festival?

VC:  I was lucky enough to attend for three days in September 2010 and I loved every minute of it. I went to a dance displays and a talk about costume, and I followed the amazing promenade through the streets of Bath.

LAG:  What Jane Austen “knick-knacks” do you have around your house?

VC:  Other than the Jane Austen’s books, critiques, spin-offs and DVD adaptations, I have Jane Austen bookmarks, a locations calendar, keyrings and a framed picture of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy on my desk!

LAG: What is next for you? I’d love to read more of your novels.

VC:  In the UK, I have a romantic comedy called The Runaway Actress about a movie star who swaps Hollywood for the Highlands. I’ve also published two collections of short stories on Kindle – The Retreat and One Perfect Week and will be publishing an autobiography soon called Escape to Mulberry Cottage about our move from London to rural Suffolk.

Thank-you for the great interview Victoria Connelly!!
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