Monday, April 23, 2012

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog’s Purpose is a book that put me through an emotional wringer.  I was laughing at funny one liners one minute, and then crying another minute.  I keep thinking about this book and I consider it one of the best books I’ve read this year or indeed for quite a while.

A Dog’s Purpose is the story of one dog’s journey through many lives to find his ultimate purpose.  At first a stray that finds his life cut short, Bailey is reborn as a golden retriever and is adopted by an 8-year old boy, Ethan.  Bailey and Ethan have a special bond and they both grow up together.  There is nothing that Bailey wouldn’t do for his boy.  The best part of the book is Bailey’s interpretation of events.  He is always puzzled why the family has a cat and after the cat dies and is buried in the back yard, he is unsure why they aren’t grateful that he digs back up “a perfectly good dead cat.”  The thoughts that go through Bailey’s head were at times laugh out loud funny, but also seemed like thoughts a dog really would have in trying to puzzle out human behavior.  I’ll say no more of the plot as it is wonderful and something you should experience for yourself.

As a pet owner with two dogs and two cats, three of whom are rescue animals, I really identified with this book.  I think it is the fact that I kept thinking about my dog Jack that the book made me very emotional.  The book is a wonderful interpretation of the great bond that does exist between human and dog.

A Dog’s Purpose was the April book club pick for the FLICKS Book and Movie Club.  I still am unsure if I was the only person that cried while reading the book.  At least I was the only one that admitted it . . . I should really post pictures of the spread that W had at her house hosting this event.  It was a beautiful dog themed night complete with dog cupcakes and wine glasses with dog tags.

Book Source:  Kewaunee Public Library

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  1. Laura, wonderful review--I will keep this one in mind.