Monday, June 22, 2015

Cure for the Common Breakup by Beth Kendrick

Cure for the Common Breakup is a fun romance novel that is perfect for a summer read.  I read it waiting at the airport and on the plane flying back from our family trip to Walt Disney World.  It was also the June pick for the FLICKS Book and Movie Club, but I sadly missed our meeting as it occurred while I was eating dinner with Pooh and Tigger at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

Summer Benson is a flight attendant with the mantra of “walk it off.”  She walks it off by flying around the world and never staying in a relationship too long.  She discovers that her handsome pilot boyfriend is about to propose to her right before a tragic plane crash.  She finds herself single and untethered.  She decides to go to Black Dog Bay, Delaware, a place she has recently read about in a travel magazine described as the best place to bounce back from your break-up.  She starts off her visit to town by running over the roses of Dutch Jansen, the handsome mayor.  After a stay at the Better off Bed and Breakfast, Summer finds herself in love with the town and the town loves her as well. Will she be able to change her ways and confront her past to be able to finally settle in one spot and find true love?

This was a fun novel to read.  Summer has an entertaining personality and wit and I loved to see how she healed herself while also helping out the town of Black Dog Bay.  Summer is the type of person that likes to tell it as it is, which for at least one old cranky member of the community, was just what the town needed to hear.  I also loved the romance and the decision that Summer had to make, to give it all up for love or to sacrifice herself to save the town.

Overall, Cure for the Common Break-up is a great summer beach read that will make you laugh, and entertain you with a wide variety of great characters and humorous situations.

Book Source: The Kewaunee Public Library


  1. Laura, this sounds like a wonderful book for the summer. Terrific review! :)

  2. Thank-you! Is is a perfect summer book. I need to read some more of her novels!