Thursday, May 10, 2007

How Nancy Drew Saved My Life by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

I read about this book on a Bronte blog. They were actually making fun of it, but I thought that since it was supposed to follow the plot of Jane Eyre and also had mention of Nancy Drew, it was worth a read.

I've been pretty stressed out the last couple of weeks so I put aside the historical fiction novel I'm reading and read this for a light stress-relieving read. It proved to be good for providing light entertainment, but was not really that great of a book overall.

The book is about a nanny named Charlotte Bell who has had an affair with her married employer. She decides to move on my taking a new job as a nanny to an ambassador in Iceland and by reading all of the original Nancy Drew books to become more "plucky." Once she gets to Iceland, she has moments of irritation with her mysterious employer, Ambassador Edgar Rawlings, but eventually falls in love.

The book had all of the makings of being good, but it never quite got all of the pieces together. None of the characters were that well developed and likeable. The action of the story was very slow until the last few pages where it finally picked up and was good. Also the main character and her "What Would Nancy Drew Do" got very old very fast.

Overall if you need a light entertaining read, I'd actually pick something else unless the premise really intrigues you!

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