Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

I watched this movie in bits and pieces last week. I must admit - I was annoyed at the title before I even started the movie. What is up with Happyness spelled INCORRECTLY? It drove me up the wall! Luckily the movie not only explained the overall title (from the Declaration of Independence no less) - but it also explained the misspelling. It was the way it was spelled incorrectly on Chris Jr's daycare wall. I was satisfied that it had a good explanation and wasn't just a ploy to make the title look different.

I enjoyed this movie and yes, I shed a tear at the end. It was a heartwarming story of a man, Chris Gardner played by Will Smith, and his struggle to do everything he could to take care of his son and pursue his dream. Gardner wants to move up in life and become a stock brocker. He wins a coveted internship at a high level firm, but the internship is unpaid. At this time, his girlfriend Linda decides to leave him. Garnder is trying to take care of his son as a single parent and has no paying job. He has to do a lot of difficult things (sleeping in a subway station bathroom) to make it, but he does.

The movie to me showed the American dream at it's finest and it was a wonderful story of a father's love for his son. I highly recommend it.

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