Monday, August 17, 2009

Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon (audio)

I continue my quest to listen to the abridged versions of Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful Outlander series before the newest book (An Echo in the Bone) is released September 22nd.

Drums of Autumn is the fourth book in the soon to be seven book series. It concerns two parallel stories – Jamie and Claire in the 1760’s and Briana and Roger in the 1960’s. After washing up onto shore at the end of the last novel, Jamie, Claire, and crew make their way to Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta’s plantation in South Carolina. Although tempted by the thought of being his Aunt’s manager, Jamie decides that he would rather take up an offer of free land in the mountains from the North Carolina governor. Jamie and Claire strike to the west and become settlers at Fraser’s Ridge.

Meanwhile, Briana and Roger find a death notice for Jamie and Claire. Briana decides to go through the stones and search for her parents to change their fate. Roger pursues her. Their passionate love story really heats up in this book. Tragedy befalls them and to say more would ruin the story.

As I’ve stated before, nothing is better than the original novel. The abridged audio version leaves out a lot of detail and plot. Geraldine James does a fantastic job with the readings. I can’t wait to listen to the next two books in the series and read An Echo in the Bone!

My favorite quote from Drums of Autumn is from Roger (page 414 of the paperback):

“He had wanted badly for her to find her Jamie Fraser to live happily ever after with him. The knowledge – or more accurately, the hope – that she had done so had been a talisman to him; a witness that enduring love was possible, a love strong enough to withstand separation and hardship, strong enough to outlast time.”


  1. Hi Laura! I LOVED these abridged audio books of the Outlander series. I have listened to both the abridged versions (the ones you have reviewed here) and the unabridged versions by Recored Books. And while the Unabridged does give you the full book. I have to say I liked the abridged versions better on these I think the reader of the abridged versions Geraldine James did an absolutely amazing job on them she brought the characters and book to life I thought.

  2. you are reminding me of how much i need to re-read this series as i do so love it. however, i never really liked briana. it's just jamie and claire for me.