Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smash! Crash! Written by Jon Scieszka Illustrated by David Shannon, Loren Long, and David Gordon

My 3-year son recently discovered Smash! Crash! at the library and loves every book of the Trucktown series that we can find. Smash! Crash! is the story of two friends, Jack Truck and Dump Truck Dan as they smash and crash their way through town and are pursued by a mysterious entity.

My son enjoys the smashing and crashing, but also enjoys identifying the trucks and their friends. He also loves the lesson that you may be scared of something, but if you face it, it could end up being a positive thing.

The only negative with this book is a technical negative. My husband and I are engineers and it bothers us that Cement Truck Melvin appears to mix sand and water to come up with cement. In reality he should be mixing cement, sand, and water to produce concrete. It just seems that you should be technically accurate, even in children’s books!

I love that the author started this series to get boys interested in reading. I know this is a problem, but luckily my 3-year old son is as addicted to books as his parents. Hopefully we can get my 1-year old as addicted!

My son just wants to find a Trucktown book that Pumper Pat and Hook and Ladder Lucy in it. Has anyone else found such a book?

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