Monday, October 5, 2009

A Treasury of Curious George by Margret and H.A. Rey

My sister Katie gave this great book to my son Kile on his first birthday. Since then we have read and reread all of the stories in this book to Kile. He has a great love for all things Curious George. We put the book away for awhile, and then pull it out again a few months later to read and enjoy again.

This treasury contains many great tales including: Curious George Takes a Train, Curious George Visits a Toy Store, Curious George and the Dump Truck, Curious George and the Birthday Party, Curious George Goes Camping, Curious George and the Costume Party, Curious George Visits the Library, and Curious George in the Big City. The table of contents has a picture next to each title, which allows my son to identify and to easily point out the story that he would like to read.

Each adventure is beautifully illustrated. Curious George always starts off visiting somewhere with his friend, the man with the yellow hat. There is some mishap, but Curious George always manages to save the day. His mishaps are very funny to my 3-year old son. His favorite lately has been Curious George Goes Camping. He likes how George stinks after being sprayed by a skunk.

Kile also likes to “read” this book by himself and look at the pictures. He likes picking out different stories to listen to during nap time. He also likes rediscovering it again after I’ve put it up for a few months. Curious George and his adventures are timeless, and this is a great collection of his adventures.


  1. The original Curious George books are the best!

  2. We love, love, love Curious George!! Nothing beats the original!! :)

  3. There's a new Curious George christmas soundtrack available on iTunes today. Here's the link: