Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Darcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise

What if Darcy and Elizabeth had a far different first meeting than what took place in Pride and Prejudice? How would it have changed the events that occurred in that classic novel? This is the premise for Darcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise.

Elizabeth and Darcy first meet in a post carriage ride. Both are smitten with each other and have a witty exchange about books and other things. Neither manages to get the name of the other and they go their separate ways. Two years later, Elizabeth is taking a voyage to America to visit with her beloved Uncle and Aunt Gardiner. Uncle and Aunt Gardiner are in America for a business trip. Unfortunately Jane gets seasick, so Elizabeth is forced to make the journey alone. Darcy’s sister Georgiana has traveled to America with her companion, Mrs. Annesley, to visit Mrs. Annesley’s family. Mrs. Annesley has fallen ill and is going to stay with her family; therefore Darcy is making the trip to America to escort Georgiana home. Darcy and Elizabeth meet again on the ship and sparks fly, although at first they have mutual misunderstandings about one another.

The voyage to America becomes a very romantic voyage for Darcy and Elizabeth. I don’t want to reveal the plot of the novel, but suffice it to say that it changes the course of the original novel. After they lose touch with each other in America, they meet back up in England and the course of the original Pride and Prejudice novel is forever changed by their prior connections. Through misunderstandings and pride, the two are apart at first, but eventually true love triumphs overall.

I enjoyed this novel and especially loved the romance of Elizabeth and Darcy throughout the novel. The book was very romantic. Mr. Darcy was enough to make any woman swoon over. It was also interesting to see how the course of the original novel could be changed by a far different meeting between the two characters.

The only problem I had with the novel was that I thought it was very highly improbable that Elizabeth would be either in the carriage or on the ship unchaperoned. Daughters of gentleman did not go out in public unchaperoned at that time and I just can’t imagine Mr. Bennet letting Elizabeth out alone. I also thought it was a little strange that Elizabeth traveled in steerage on the way to America.

Overall, Darcy’s Voyage was a delight to read and imagine a “what if” scenario where Darcy and Elizabeth have a wonderful romance on the sea. Darcy's Voyage will be released by Sourcebooks on September 7th.

This is my first item for the Everything Austen Challenge II.

Kara Louise will be on Laura’s Reviews for an interview and Darcy’s Voyage book giveaway this Friday September 3rd. Please come back and check it out!

Book Source: Advance Review Copy from Sourcebooks. Thank-you!!


  1. I read this when it was still a fanfic on some JA message boards a couple of years ago and loved, loved, loved it! It was posted chapter by chapter and we all couldn't wait for the next installment, Kara Louise writes wonderful Darcy/Elizabeth stories! This was one of my favorites!

  2. I love the fan fiction of JA anytime and wouldlove to get my hands on this.

  3. Kara Louise writes a beautiful romance, doesn't she? The excruciating anguish when they were separated? It was extremely well written!

  4. I couldn't picture Elizabeth traveling alone, either, but I just went with it. And I really enjoyed the book overall, all the different twists and turns the story makes to get to the same conclusion.