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The Seven Year Bitch by Jennifer Belle Review and GIVEAWAY!

Isolde Brilliant is a New Yorker with a baby, husband, and a successful job as a hedge fund manager. One day she loses her job and soon her grip on sanity as she tries to navigate the difficult world of being a mother and a wife. Isolde finds herself growing enraged at her husband over everything, fantasizing about every man except her husband, and looking forward to time out alone without having to take care of her husband or son.

As Isolde’s recently divorced friend Joy tells her about her husband, “He turned me into something I didn’t want to be. Seven years of having to nag, and scream, and fight, and be a policeman in my own home was enough for me. It’s not that you get a seven year itch. It’s that they turn you into a seven year bitch. After seven years you can’t take it anymore.”

Will Isolde be able to navigate herself back from the world of bitchdom? Or will she be mired in frustration forever? You will have to check out this novel to see!

As a wife and mother, I could definitely relate to the “bitchiness” that creeps into everyday life when you are tired and frustrated. However, I couldn’t relate to the level of animosity Isolde had toward her husband Russell. Russell never got fully developed as a character and I often felt sorry for him and for their son, Duncan. It was also hard to relate to Isolde’s lifestyle. I can’t imagine after getting laid off being able to hire a nanny and not care about money matters. I think the NYC lifestyle of nannies, take-out food, shrinks, and excessive spending is very foreign to a Midwesterner. These elements of the story distracted me at times, especially Isolde’s strange obsession with her nanny’s fertility.

I loved the recurring joke of Isolde’s mother’s shrink solving all of her problems. My favorite part of the novel was actually reading the hilarious essays that Isolde had to review for cash. After she lost her job, Isolde’s mother’s shrink suggested that she take this job. The job actually turned out to be quite lucrative and the essays that Isolde had to read “describe in 100 words or less” topics such as “your best job description for being a mom” or “why you and yours deserve to be daring in diamonds” were very funny.

Overall, The Seven Year Bitch is a look deep into the heart of a marriage after children. It is a bumpy ride to and back again, but ultimately entertaining.

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  1. When I read "chick lit" or "women's fiction" I like it to have an edge...and it sounds like this one does. Certainly it is a book that probably most married women can relate to (those that will admit to it I guess).
    Great review Laura, it really gave me a feel for the book :)

  2. I am at the 7th year of my marriage. I can relate to the title! I can relate to the title!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!


  3. Great review! Thank you so much for being on the tour, Laura!

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