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Remember Me by Cheryl Robinson Review and GIVEAWAY

Remember Me is a poignant tale of two woman, best friends as girls and young women, and then estranged as adults. After a tragic accident, the two women unexpectedly meet up again and have to face the past before they can continue into the future.

Mia is a teenage African American girl in 1970’s Detroit. She has a difficult relationship with her father, and her parents decide to send her to a private Catholic all-girls school after she gets in trouble for holding hands with a boy on the school bus. As part of a small group of African American girls at her new school, Mia is taunted by her peers as well as a teacher who has a problem accepting black students and treating them as equals. A white loner student, Danielle, stands up for Mia and helps her to prove her case against the teacher. Danielle has recently lost her mother and is having difficulty at home with her racist father and his new wife and children. Mia and Danielle soon become fast friends.

In 2010, Mia is a wealthy cancer survivor living in a plush Detroit suburb. Her daughter, Alex, is her high school valedictorian and has been accepted on a full academic scholarship to the University of Michigan. Life suddenly comes crashing down upon Mia when she discovers her husband’s infidelity and financial misdeeds at his brokerage firm. Mia finds herself starting over as a teacher at fifty.

Danielle is a very successful author living in Florida with her ex-actor husband and her daughter Tiffany. Danielle has no close friends and indeed the closest relationship she has is with her dog. She seems to push away her husband and has difficulties having a relationship with her daughter as she seems focused on her daughter’s weight problems.

A tragic accident soon brings the two ex-friends back together. What caused their estrangement as young women? Will they be able to resolve their differences and move on together as friends?

I loved this novel’s format. It flashed back and forth from the present to the past to tell the story of the two women and their friendship. Mia and Danielle were both interesting characters in their different ways, but I must admit that I enjoyed reading about Mia the most. I loved her vibrant personality and how she was able to take life by the horns and move through difficult situations. As Danielle was more of a loner, it was hard at times to identify with her, but I also enjoyed her growth through the novel to really understand what is important in life. I found myself really caring about these two characters and wondering how the tragedy was going to play out. I couldn’t put the book down and I read it quickly.

I think I identified with the story as I think everyone has friends that vary through life. Some friends are your best friends as children or teens, but then through different circumstances, you grow apart as you get older. Robinson was able to perfectly capture the essence of the changing nature of friendship.

I also really enjoyed the novel’s setting. Truthfully, I am getting tired of most women’s fiction (or at least the novels I read) being set in New York City or London. Detroit was a unique setting and interesting to read about. I grew up in southwestern Michigan and my experiences were far different then two girls growing up in the Detroit area. It is almost like a different state – but probably more different from the urban versus rural setting. Cheryl Robinson vividly brings Detroit alive and makes me want to visit and see if any of the restaurants she describes are real! As my baby sister is moving from Texas to Ann Arbor, I’ll be visiting the area soon.

I also enjoyed how up to date the book is with Facebook and texting featured in the story line. One of my favorite lines in the novel is when Mia tells her mother she should be on Facebook and her mother replies something along the lines of, “Why would I want to be on Spacebook?”

As a book club member, I loved reading about Mia’s book club, “The Sophisticated Readers of Oakland County.” It was a large book club of fifty ladies that were very selective of the books they chose and had authors to visit quite often. I wish my small book clubs could have authors that would like to visit Kewaunee, Wisconsin!

Overall, Remember Me is a wonderful story of friendship throughout the course of a lifetime. It is also a story of racism, betrayal, and other weighty topics. This book has the two women examine their current lives and determine what really matters. I think we could all stand back and do this to our own lives.

I read this book as a part of the TLC Book Tours. The full tour schedule is located here.

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  1. This sounds really good! I have had many "best friends" through the years and others I've remained friends with but whose relationships with me have completely changed. So the concepts in this book really intrigue me! And that's why I'd like to be entered in this giveaway. =)

  2. This book is very interesting to me. There are some people that we meet in our lifetime that are just plain "special". It doesn't matter how much time has gone by, you just pick up right where you left off with them and it just feels right! Time is irrelevant.

    I'd love to read this! Please enter me in the draw.

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love reading about different times than my own, especially when there is such an important issue at hand (racism in this case). I also love stories about unlikely best friends and I am really looking forward to reading why these two girls grew apart and if they are able to mend their friendship in the end. So please count me in for this giveaway, I'd really love to read this :) Thanks!


  4. I love novels that go back in forth between the past and the present. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. the reality of broken relationships is always of interest when you're reading of another's! but what caught my attn in your review is the sense of humour expressed as here, 'her mother replies something along the lines of, “Why would I want to be on Spacebook?” '') too funny! looking fwd to this read and appreciate the opp to win ~

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  7. I love these type of friendship stories especially for the summer. Great book to end it with! Thanks!


  8. The time period intrigues me the most. It is such a time of change and of independence. It'll be interesting to see how theyr friendship plays out within it.


  9. thanks for this lovely giveaway. The era appeals to me greatly as does the entire story. Many thanks. Anne. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. I would love enter this giveaway. The book reminds me even after forty years childhood friends still remain friends even when we don't see each other very much. I can't wait to read Remember Me.


  11. I gladly posted about the giveway and added it to my sidebar. Before I found this giveaway I had already added this book to my wishlist. Maybe my wish will come true ;)


  12. This sounds very good! I love books about women, by women. Women's friendships are so very essential to our spirit!
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    McGuffy's Reader

  13. What intrigues me about this novel is the friendship of two women with very different lives.
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  14. Don't enter me because I reviewed it too. Wasn't it just so good? Such a lovely story about friendship.
    2 Kids and Tired Books

  15. This book sounds awesome! I enjoy reading books that switch back and forth from the past to the present and that can tie it all together at the end. I think the interaction between the 2 friends through the years.

    Thanks for the chance!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  16. Please enter me. I enjoying reading chick lit books that describe character relationship dynamics. Am also a new follower.
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  17. The whole premise of this novel sounds amazing! Please enter me.
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  18. Please count me in. Thank you!

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  20. i like the storyline...and the cover, too :)

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  21. I'm glad you found the setting interesting - I know what you mean about so many books taking place in the same city! And I love that there was a book club in there too. :)

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.