Monday, October 17, 2011

All About the Brontes Challenge 2012?

In 2010, I hosted the All About the Brontes Challengewhere you could read a book, watch a movie, listen to an audiobook, or anything Bronte related in a celebration of the three very talented and interesting Bronte sisters. After having Penelope a year ago, I decided not to do the challenge in 2011 with limited time during her first year of life. Now that she is one, I’ve thought about bringing the challenge back for 2012.

Would you be interested in seeing the challenge return? What about the previous challenge did you like or dislike? Would you be interested in the challenge becoming more encompassing and becoming a “Women of Suspense,” “Gothic Fiction,” “Victorian Fiction,” or “19th Century Authors” Challenge? Or have you had your fill of challenges and would not like to see another one.

Please answer my poll on the right sidebar with your thoughts and leave a comment telling me what you think!


  1. Hi, Laura -- I cast my vote for a gothic fiction challenge (that still includes the Brontes) but opens the door to authors who write gothic mysteries and gothic romances. Whatever you decide, I'm sure I'll sign up. I still have a few Bronte related books from last year's challenge that I can read for it.

  2. I think I over-did it a bit last time, so I probably wouldn't participate in another "All about the Brontës" challenge. Still, with the new JE + WH films that have come out, it could be a good way to get the newbies into the books. :)

    Probably would go for Victorian, Gothic or 19th Century Authors instead, as I have a bunch of that kind of books lined up anyway!

  3. Laura, I did this challenge last time, and discovered that the Brontë sisters were also poets, as I've mentioned before. I think it worked well the way it was--even for slackers like me! I liked that it was a very focused challenge, but if you want to try expanding it a bit to include more authors that would be fine, too.

  4. Oh, and one more thing - I can't remember if your challenge was for the whole year or not, but I really do a much better job of getting my goals in (or very nearly) when I have the entire year (Jan. - Dec.) to get everything completed. I've joined a few 6 month challenges and fell way short of my goals. Thanks for our input! :)

  5. Thank-you for all of your input. Keep the comments coming, they are giving me great ideas for the challenge.

    Joanne - last time the challenge was just for six months. I tend to do better as well when they are a year long so I will change that for 2012.