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A Rival for Mr. Darcy by Abigail Reynolds (and GIVEAWAY)

 A Rival for Mr. Darcy by Abigail Reynolds

How could that unrivalled romantic hero, Mr. Darcy, possibly have a rival? That was the question that started me writing the Pride & Prejudice variation Mr. Darcy’s Undoing. In Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth is a reputed beauty in the local scene, her father is a gentleman, she has a tiny bit of a dowry, and she seems to be able to attract male interest without much effort. Despite this, Mr. Darcy has a clear playing field because all of Elizabeth’s other admirers can’t be taken seriously. Mr. Wickham is too poor, Mr. Collins too foolish, and Colonel Fitzwilliam lets her know directly that he needs to marry an heiress.
Because Darcy doesn’t have a serious rival, he doesn’t have to do much more than mend his manners to win Elizabeth’s favor. If there had been a rival, what would Darcy have needed to do to make Elizabeth take him seriously?

To develop a rival for Darcy, I had to consider what he had to offer Elizabeth. He is handsome (though Wickham is more handsome), extremely wealthy, intelligent and passionate. It would be hard to create another character who could offer Elizabeth more in those regards, but there are also things that Darcy can’t offer Elizabeth. To marry him, she would have to leave all her family and friends, as well as her beloved Hertfordshire, for a society where she is completely unknown. She is likely to be somewhat over her head trying to manage the household at Pemberley, which is larger and more grand than any she has ever dealt with, and in dealing with the ton in London. And while Darcy learns to accept Elizabeth’s family, one senses there is always going to be reserve on his part. He isn’t likely to consider them friends or part of his community.

Enter Mr. Covington. Elizabeth has known him her entire life and knows he is responsible, trustworthy and sensible. He owns an estate nearby that is similar to Longbourn, much more manageable for someone like Elizabeth. By marrying him, she could stay in her familiar environs near her family and friends. She is fond of his family, and could feel completely comfortable inviting them to visit her family. Mrs. Covington would never be as wealthy as Mrs. Darcy, but she would never lack for anything. Darcy is a brilliant match for Elizabeth, but Mr. Covington is a safe and comfortable match.

Even so, Darcy’s native intelligence and wit give him a major advantage with Elizabeth. I had to find something else in Mr. Covington’s favor, so I decided that Elizabeth would be engaged to him. In Regency society, it was very shameful to break an engagement, so even if Elizabeth developed feelings for Darcy, her sense of loyalty and propriety would weigh heavily toward Mr. Covington.

When I first posted Mr. Darcy’s Undoing as a serial on a Jane Austen fanfiction board, I had a big surprise. Before Mr. Covington had a name, I referred to him as ‘Mr. Nice Guy.’ And he is a nice guy – maybe a bit stolid, but he is a responsible and decent sort of fellow and he genuinely cares for Elizabeth. To my shock, my readers despised him. Comments ranged from suggestions as to painful ways I might choose to kill him off to torments he should suffer for daring to raise his eyes to Elizabeth. I’d created a perfectly amiable gentleman… and everyone HATED him for being in Darcy’s way.

The moral of this story: as an author, I could create a rival for Darcy, but in the minds of readers who love Pride & Prejudice, Darcy will never have a rival. And, in truth, that’s just how it should be.

Thank-you for the fantastic guest blog Abigail!  I think having a rival to Mr. Darcy puts a fantastic spin on Pride and Prejudice.  I enjoyed the novel and will have my review posted this week so stay tuned! - Laura

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  1. I enjoy reading this author's 'what-ifs' and this is the only one left for me to read. I find the idea of a rival the most tantalizing of the what if ideas. I laughed at the idea of hating Mr. Covington. Actually, I think I could see myself liking him and pitying him because he would have been so much better for Jane I think.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book.

  2. I love the idea of Mr. Darcy having a serious rival. Mr Covington sounds like an interesting character.

  3. I think the idea of a new character to rival Mr. Darcy for Elizabeth's affections is a brilliant idea. It sounds like the author put a lot of thought into who he should be and this has me very interested! Thank you for the giveaway!


  4. Darcy doesn't have a serious rival until......I want to read more! Please enter me in the contest.

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  5. I want to see what the rival is like!

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  6. I would have to agree with the other readers ...pride and prejudice was one of my favorite books and I was in love with Darcy as we'll. I would probably hate Mr. Covington too. ;) but it sounds like an interesting read!

  7. i luv the reaction to 'Mr Nice Guy'!! hahah we luv our Darcy =)) thanks for sharing that tidbit and i enjoy seeing how you got around that little obstacle! well done ~ will look fwd to reading of a rival... blstef1 at mts dot net

  8. it's now posted to sidebar at fhc~
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  9. Fabulous guest post! I am quite curious about what happens in this book. Please enter me in this giveaway. I'll post it in my blog's sidebar. Thanks, Laura!


  10. Wonderful post which makes this question intriguing. Thanks for this giveaway. Anne. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. I love a good Jane Austen reinterpretation and this sounds like a fun one!

  12. Hello, Laura!! It's me!!, Patricia!! How are you?? Great new family picture!! I wondered when we would see that lovely little girl!! Beautiful family, Laura!

    As far as this book review, you did your usual good writing and hooked me!! (Another TBR book! YIKES!!).

    Mr. Darcy having a rival stretches my imagination, that is for sure!!

    When I win this book, (hahaha!!), please contact me at email:

    madley (AT) cogeco (DOT) ca

    Thank you, Laura!
    Nice chatting with you!


  13. I think the idea of Darcy having a serious rival is terrific. What a great angle. I'd love to win this one!


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  14. While Darcy is my all-time favorite hero, I don't think that I would want to kill off Mr. Covington, just give him his own heroine.