Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George

Title: Believing the Lie

Author: Elizabeth George
Read by: Davina Porter
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Length: Approximately 23 hours (20 CDs)
Source: Penguin Audio Review Copy – Thank-you!

Believing the Lie was an audiobook that I never wanted to end. Elizabeth George created a masterful world full of characters that I cared about and wanted to learn more about. Lucky for me, Believing the Lie, is an Inspector Lynley mystery and I will be able to go back and listen to previous audiobooks to learn more about at least some of the characters.

I had heard of Inspector Lynley as I know there was a series on Masterpiece Mystery about Inspector Lynley, but I have yet to watch it. I was intrigued to finally listen to an Inspector Linley mystery and find out what all of the fuss was about.

Wealthy toilet magnate Bernard Fairclough asks Scotland Yard for help investigating the death of his nephew Ian Cresswell. Inspector Thomas Lynley is assigned to the case. Lynley’s friends Simon and Deborah St. James travel north with him to help with the investigation. Back in London, Inspector Lynley’s partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, helps Lynley with the investigation while trying to stay out of their boss (and Lynley’s lover) Isabelle’s path.

As the investigation starts, it is soon discovered that the Fairclough family is not what they seem, and just about everyone has a motive for poor Ian’s death. Was Ian’s death an accidental drowning, or were one of the clan responsible?

Believing the Lie reminded me of a modern day Victorian novel as it was a wonderful vast book full of great well-drawn characters. I cared about all of the story arcs, which is hard to do when you have so many characters and plots. There was a lot going on, and I’m not going to delve into each plot for the sake of time (I am behind on my reviews after all!). I will just say that Believing the Lie is easily one of my favorite books this year. I loved the mystery, and the wonderful characters. Now that I have discovered Elizabeth George, I need to read more of her novels.

The audiobook was great and gave me something to look forward to as I listened to it on the way to work. Davina Porter was a wonderful narrator and a joy to listen to. I have heard that her readings of the unabridged version of Diana Gabaldon’s novels are not to be missed. I really need to listen to her version of some of my favorite books!

I was dismayed when Believing the Lie ended although it had a satisfactory ending, I really wanted to continue the journey with the characters. Luckily George set the novel up to move nicely into the next. I greatly look forward to what comes next!

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