Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight by Grace Burrowes

I have a great love for Christmas regency romance. Luckily Grace Burrowes has helped me out by publishing quality books in this genre at Christmas the past few years. As I love Christmas books, I picked this book and Christmas as a theme for our FLICKS Book and Movie Club this month.

Lady Louisa Windham is a smart woman in a time when smart woman are not honored or admired. In the past, she used her smarts on a project that if known, could ruin her reputation. With this in mind, she has resolutely decided she can never marry. Her parents, the Duke and Duchess, have decided otherwise and are on the prowl for a husband for Louisa.

Sir Joseph Carrington is a widowed neighbor also on the search for a wife. He is a happy pig farmer and war hero and does not relish the season in London. He often finds himself in corners drinking alone or enjoying himself talking poetry with Lady Louisa. Sir Joseph also has a secret indiscretion that he is trying to hide. When Sir Joseph helps Lady Louisa out of an unfortunate situation, the two find that sparks are flying.

I love the characters in this book. Old characters from Burrowes previous novels show up, but I loved the new characters the best. The plot was great and it was a wonderful Christmas romance. Overall, if you are looking for a way to relax during the stressful holiday season, I highly recommend that you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight.

Book Source: Review copy from Sourcebooks – Thanks!!

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