Friday, March 29, 2013

To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink

Title: To Sell is Human

Author: Daniel H. Pink

Read by: Daniel H. Pink

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Length: Approximately 6 hours (5 CDs)

Source: Penguin Audio Review Copy – Thank-you!

To Sell is Human makes the convincing argument that we are all salesmen (or women) of some sort or another, no matter what career we have. The audiobook gave a great history of sales and how sales in changing in this new digital world that we live in. It gave a wide range of examples of careers that may be convincing people that they need something from nurses and educators to engineers. I found the examples to be very relevant.

Daniel Pink read the audiobook himself and did an excellent job; he seemed very engaged with the material. Besides giving the fascinating history of sales, the audiobook also gave ideas on how to be a successful sales person using new pitch ideas and what type of person is a good sales person. I thought it was very interesting that the extrovert that we always assume is a good salesperson is not always the successful sales person. I also loved his real world examples, especially the shady used car salesman and his techniques from the 1970’s.

I enjoyed listening to the audiobook as it was well written and engaging. In order to put the tips into practice though, I think I would need to purchase a digital or hard copy version as well to refer to while I practiced the techniques. Otherwise, when I’m listening while driving, I can’t make notes to keep track of the different techniques to use.

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