Monday, April 1, 2013

Lady Eve’s Indiscretion by Grace Burrowes

I love Grace Burrowes’s Windham family series. Percival Windham, the Duke of Moreland and his Duchess, Esther, together have had a brood of very fascinating children. They also share a love that has held together through the years and is inspiring to their children. I would LOVE to read a novel about the early years of the Duke and Duchess! The Windham family series chronicles the adventures and loves of each of their children. As one can tell from the title, this book deals with one of their younger daughters, Eve. Although part of a series, this book would hold up on its own.

Set in the regency period, Eve is the pretty and diminutive Windham sister. She flirts and gathers suitors at balls, but she keeps them at bay with a determination to marry no one. Eve has a past indiscretion that happened when she was only 15. Fearing this will be known to whoever marries her and also fearing the act itself after the terror at fifteen, Eve does not want to bring disgrace on her family.

Lucas Denning is the new Marquis of Deene. As a handsome titled man, he is terrorized by match-making mothers and daughters whenever he is out on the town. He does need to marry to secure the succession and who would be better than the lovely lady who lives next door, Eve Windham? Although Eve does not want to marry, she cannot deny her attraction.

I love that in Burrowes novels, the romance does not stop at marriage. Indeed marriage is often the midpoint of the novel. The rest of the novel shows how the couple is able to work through various problems to have a strong and loving union. I particularly loved how Eve was able to face her own demons and beat them down by the end.

Overall, Lady Eve’s Indiscretion was another winning romance from Grace Burrowes. It was a perfect light read to read in winter and February, the month of romance.

Source: A review copy from Sourcebooks – Thanks!

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