Sunday, December 8, 2013

Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell has become one of my favorite women’s fiction authors.  I look forward to each of her new books. The worst part of her books is that they have to end.  Mansell is a master at creating an entire interwoven cast of characters I feel I know and care about by the end of each novel.  

In Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Dexter Yates is thrilled when his big sister Laura finally has the baby she’s always wanted, Delphi.  Dexter isn’t ready to settle down yet with his high rolling job and life in London.  After the tragic death of Laura, Dex finds out he has been named baby Delphi’s guardian.  He moves to his cottage in a small village and gives up his former life to learn how to be a father.  Along the way he meets many great new people, including his neighbor Molly.  Molly is a cartoonist and genuinely nice woman, but she does not want to be another notch on Dex’s bed post.  As she struggles to find Mr. Right, she has to wonder if he has not been next door all along.

Overall, I loved Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.  I enjoyed the great characters, great story, and great setting.  I also loved how all of the storylines were tied up at the end.  I look forward to whatever book Jill Mansell has next!

Book Source:  Review Copy from Sourcebooks – Thanks!

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