Sunday, December 8, 2013

Inherit the Dead by Mary Higgins Clark, Charlaine Harris, Stephen Carter, etc. all

Title: Inherit the Dead
Author: Mary Higgins Clark, Charlaine Harris, Stephen Carter, etc. all
Read by: Christopher Evan Welch
Publisher: Simon & Shuster Audio
Length: 7 CDs, approximately 8.5 hours
Source: Review Copy from Simon and Shuster Audio.  Thank-you!

Author Linda Fairstein got together a great group of mystery writers for a wonderful cause.  All royalties in excess of editor and contributor compensation for this novel will be donated to Safe Horizon, the leading victim assistance agency in the country.  Each author wrote a chapter of this book and made it a great and compelling story.

Perry Christo is a Private Investigator.  He was once a detective on the police force, but lost his badge when he was framed for corruption after discovering more than he should have on a case.  His marriage broke apart after that and he has been trying to make a go of it as a PI.

Julia Drusilla is a wealthy divorcee that is looking for her missing daughter, Angelina, nicknamed Angel.  Angel is a young woman (20 years old) that was raised by her father after the divorce.  On her 21st birthday, she will inherit a large trust fund if she is there to sign the papers.  Julia is searching for her to make sure this transfer takes place.  As Christo digs into the story, he learns there is much more to Angel than meets the eye.  

I found the novel to be fast paced and interesting.  I loved the twists and turns and how Perry also used the time to introspectively think about his own life.  Christopher Evan Welch was a good narrator and was the voice of Christo to me.


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