Friday, May 9, 2014

Ravenscliffe by Jane Sanderson

Ravenscliffe is the follow-up novel to Netherwood and is set in Yorkshire in 1904.  I loved Netherwood and was excited to read the sequel right away.  Eve Williams has created a successful business with her great cooking and enterprising nature.  Her friend, Russian immigrant Anna, has helped her to pursue her dreams.  Anna takes them a step farther by finding her a perfect Victorian Villa in the common, Ravenscliffe.  Eve’s returning brother Silas helps her to procure the Villa and Anna sets to work making it into a beautiful home.

Eve and Daniel move forward with their wedding even though Seth is not pleased with his mother’s remarriage.  At Netherwood, the family prepares for a visit from the King and the heir to the estate finds himself in love with a flamboyant American woman.  When an unexpected tragedy strikes, both the family at the hall as well as the Williams family are thrown into turmoil.

I loved Ravenscliffe. Sanderson has written a great saga with many fascinating characters with interesting stories during a great time period.  One aspect I particularly enjoy is the role of the women in this particular time period.  I love Lady Henrietta.  She is the oldest of the Earl of Netherwood’s children and the most capable of running the estate, but as a daughter she cannot inherit.  Instead the lazy Tobias is the heir.  This makes Henrietta start to think about the rights of women.  I also enjoyed the stories of the coal mines at Netherwood and Amos Sykes fight for the rights and safety of the miners.   I was sad when the book ended, but then saw online that here is a third book in the series.  Please publish it in the United States!  

Overall Ravenscliffe is a wonderful historical fiction saga and I highly recommend it.

Book Source:  Review Copy from William Morrow – Thanks!

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