Friday, May 9, 2014

This Blessed Mess by Patricia Livingston

My husband and I heard Patricia Livingston speak at our church back in the fall of 2010 right before my daughter Penelope was born.  I purchased three of her books and read the first right away.  The other two ended up in my TBR bookcase.  I finally pulled out This Blessed Mess during Lent and I vastly enjoyed it.  It was a great book for Lent and for a particularly stressful time period in my life.  

The subtitle of This Blessed Mess is “Finding Hope Amidst Life’s Chaos.”  Part one of the book is the “Interplay of Chaos and Creation”.  It discusses how chaos gets into our busy lives and has great examples from Patricia Livingston’s own life.  Part two of the book is what helps you to move forward.  This includes such items as “Holding on to a Core Beliefs,”  “Caring for Ourselves and Others,” Laughing Amongst the Mess” and many more.

As a Catholic mother I greatly enjoyed this book.  I read a chapter a day in the morning as I got ready for work.  It is a slim book and really made me thing about how to embrace the chaos of life as a working mother and to make sure my Christianity is involved as well.  A great book, I’m glad I finally read it!

Book Source:  I purchased this at Patricia Livingston’s talk at Holy Rosary in 2010 and got it autographed!

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