Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Good Marriage by Stephen King

Title: A Good Marriage
Author: Stephen King
Read by:  Jessica Hecht
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Length: 3.5 hours (3 CDs)
Source:  Review Copy from Simon & Schuster – Thanks!

A Good Marriage is the perfect novella to listen to if you want to be terrified this fall.  It is an especially good read for Halloween.  It is a perfect tale of suspense that really freaked me out (in a good way) on my commute  A Good Marriage is a Stephen King novella, originally published as a part of Full Dark, No Stars four years ago.  

Darcy Anderson has a good marriage and a good life.  Her husband Bob, an accountant, and she have been married for 27 years.  They met over their shared love of vintage coins and besides Bob’s full time accountant business; they have a side business of buying and trading coins.  They also raised two wonderful children together.  They moved from a starter home to a big beautiful home.  Darcy has kept busy as a homemaker raising the kids, but the kids are now grown up.  Bob has always given back to the community, including being a Cub Scout leader.  

One day while Bob is gone on a coin collecting business trip, Darcy makes a run out to their garage to look for some batteries for the remote.  While she is there, she makes a surprising discovery that shakes the foundations of her world and her marriage.  Caught between a rock and a hard place, Darcy must make a momentous decision to right her world.

Overall, this was a perfect tale of suspense that had me terrified, but wanting more.  One of my favorite parts in the novel is Darcy pondering about the mirror side of Bob that she never knew, the dark side.  She discovers that she has a mirror Darcy as well and wonders how to get back through the mirror to the good side.  I loved this.

Jessica Hecht was a great narrator.  She was Darcy to me with Darcy’s “golly gee” attitude that became something frail, yet fearless when her world was turned upside down.


  1. Excellent review, Laura! It sounds like this is an enagging, suspenseful novella, perfect in audio form. Another horror hit for Stephen King!