Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Back in 2005, I was expecting my oldest son Kile and sick with Hyperemesis Gravudarum (now made famous by Duchess Kate).  It was not the best summer and I was in survival mode.  Luckily my good friend Laura Hivala recommended Sophie Kinsella and the Shopaholic novels to me.  I knew whatever Laura recommended would be good so I quickly checked them out of the library. They left me laughing and entertained me vastly that summer.  I saw an advertisement for a new Shopaholic novel and was distressed to realize I’m a book behind as Mini Shopaholic was published in 2010.  My friend Laura sadly passed away at a very young age of 32 in 2010 and I missed that a new book was published.  Reading Mini Shopaholic this past week made me laugh and think about Laura again.

Becky Brandon is back and her daughter Minnie is now two years old.  Becky is having a hard time with the economic down turn and her husband Luke has challenged her to wear all of her outfits three times before shopping again.  This makes it so she can’t buy a new outfit for 10 months, which is almost more than she can bear.  Luke is also sure that Minnie is out of control for a two year old and has a variety of ideas on how to keep her on track.  Becky and Luke are living with her parents and hoping that they will be able to finally purchase a home of their own (their last four offers fell apart).  Becky wants to plan a surprise birthday party for Luke, but her family and friends are sure she won’t be able to keep it under wraps and Becky worries that she can’t afford it.  Will Becky be able to plan the surprise party and keep life under control? 

I love the characters and humor of this book.  With Becky now a mother it gave me new laughs as I’m at the same point in my life.  It was another fun book in the series and I look forward to what comes next.  I also identify with Becky, although my obsession is for the possession of books and not high fashion.

Book Source:  The Kewaunee Public Library

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  1. Not read a Kinsella for ages. Time I think to pick one up