Monday, September 28, 2015

Stormbringers (Order of Darkness Book Two) by Philippa Gregory

Title: Stormbringers (Order of Darkness Book Two)
Author: Philippa Gregory
Read by: Nicola Barber
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Length: Approximately 8.5 hours (7 CDs)
Source: Simon & Schuster Audio Review Copy – Thank-you!

In the late fifteenth century, Luca is a young handsome monk in training that is traveling with his servant Freize and Secretary Brother Peter as part of the Order of Darkness looking for signs that the end times are near. They are traveling with the beautiful disinherited Lady Isolde and her Muslim friend and foster sister Ishraq.  Isolde is traveling to find family that will help her regain her lawful inheritance from her brother.  

While enroute, the travelers meet with a young mystery man, Johann, who says he speaks for God and is leading an army of children on a crusade to the Holy Land.  Johann seems to know details about everyone in his audience which leads them all to believe that he does indeed speak for God.  Half under his spell, Luca, Freize, Isolde, and Ishraq decide to follow him and investigate for the Pope to see if Johann represents God or the Devil.  What happens next is shocking and I don’t want to ruin it for you!

I have not read (or listened to) the first novel in the series, but I felt like this book did well as a stand-alone story.  I was intrigued by the characters, but especially by the story of the Children’s Crusade.  Although this novel is fantasy, author Philippa Gregory had a note at the end that explained where she got the historical background for much of the plot.  I thought the end note was fascinating.
This audiobook kept me intrigued on my work commute.  Nicola Barber was a good narrator and the story was very unique and interesting.  This book set up a battle that will be between the Christian and Muslim faiths in future books as each tries to hold Constantinople and the Holy Land.  There was a twist at the end that I am still puzzling over, and I know I can’t wait to listen to the next novel.  

Overall, Stormbringers was a unique fantasy young adult novel that deals with the conflict between Christianity and Islam during the Middle Ages.


  1. Laura, this sounds like a fascinating story for YA, and "old" adults. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to this audiobook on your commutes to work. Terrific review, as usual!

  2. It was fascinating and unique. I can't wait to read the next book in the series! I always love reading something different.