Thursday, September 10, 2015

Top Secret Twenty – One by Janet Evanovich

Title: Top Secret Twenty – One
Author: Janet Evanovich
Read by: Lorelei King
Publisher: Random House Audio
Length: Approximately 6 hours (5 CDs)
Source: Kewaunee Public Library – Thank-you!

Lorelei King is one of the best audiobook narrators out there.  I enjoy every book she narrates vastly.  Her unique voice for each of the characters combined with the perfect personality behind the voice makes each audiobook a true delight.  Honestly, I would have given up on Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series long ago if I didn’t just want to hear Lorelei King’s narration and get a good laugh.

Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter that tends to get into hilarious escapades with her co-worker and best friend Lula.  She is also stuck in a love triangle with bad boy turned cop Joe Morelli and man of mystery Ranger. In Top Secret Twenty-One, Stephanie Plum has a lot of mysteries to solve.  The first mystery is how to help out Randy Briggs, an annoying character from previous novels who also happens a target of Poletti, someone that Stephanie is trying to snag for failing to appear (FTA).  Briggs was the bookkeeper for Poletti and seems to find himself constantly in the way of rocket launchers.  Stephanie also helps Ranger in trying to find a mysterious Russian spy who is out to get Ranger.  The mystery deepens and splits off into new areas as the book continues.

I was amused by this novel and greatly enjoyed the audiobook narration.  I still found myself wishing that Stephanie Plum would have some personal growth.  I think this series would only get more hilarious if Stephanie settled down and had children.    The options are endless for continuing her growth. Unfortunately now it just seems like Evanovich is phoning the story in. Stephanie’s car blows up, check.  Stephanie’s Grandma does something hilarious at the funeral home, check.  Stephanie is attracted to both Joe and Ranger, check.  While one mystery had a great exciting conclusion, the others were more lackluster and seemed like filler.

Overall, Top Secret Twenty-One was more enjoyable than the last couple of Stephanie Plum novels, but still felt like the story was not moving anywhere and was much of the same as what I’ve read before.  There was still humor which is always fun in an audiobook and Lorelei King’s narration is top notch.


  1. Laura, thank you for sharing your honest thoughts about this Stephanie Plum novel. I'm glad you enjoyed the narration, although it sounds like the story fell short of your expectations in some ways.