Friday, December 4, 2015

A Knights Bridge Christmas by Carla Neggers

Title: A Knights Bridge Christmas
Author: Carla Neggers
Read by: Susan Boyce
Blackstone Audio
Length: 5 hours and 38 minutes
Source: Review Digital Audio from Audiobook Jukebox – Thanks!

A Knights Bridge Christmas is a heartwarming Christmas romance novel.  Claire Morgan is a young widowed librarian who decides to make a fresh start in the small town of Knights Bridge Massachusetts.  After moving to town with her six year old son, Owen, Claire bumps into Dr. Logan Farrell as he helps his grandmother, Daisy, move into assisted living.  First impressions are not always what they seem as Claire thinks Logan is very rude to the administrative assistant at the facility.  As she gets to know Logan and his feisty grandmother more, Claire learns there is much more to Logan than what she first suspected.  After Daisy asks both Claire and Logan to decorate her old house in town one last time for Christmas before it is sold, they find a candle and an old copy of A Christmas Carol which leads to the discovery of Daisy’s own Christmas romance right after WWII with Logan’s grandfather.

I listened to the audiobook version of this novel with Susan Boyce as the narrator.  She did a wonderful job bringing the characters alive and kept the story going at a great pace. Also included in the book were some very tasty sounding recipes that Boyce also narrated.  I need to listen to them while I’m not in the car so I can write down the ingredients!  They sounded very interesting.  I also loved how each chapter started with an excerpt from A Christmas Carol.

I really enjoyed this Christmas romance novel.  I liked all of the characters and I liked that it was romance without all of the steamy sex. I’m not a fan of reading about graphic sex for pages on end, I’d rather focus on the romance part of it which this novel does wonderfully.  I also loved the character of Daisy, the feisty Grandma.  I loved her backstory of the sad Christmas of 1945 and how Tom Farrell helped to make that Christmas happy for both her family and his own.  I would love to read a book just about Daisy!  I loved how the historical romance story was interwoven with the contemporary story.

Overall, A Knights Bridge Christmas is a delightful Christmas romance with a great historical and contemporary story and wonderful characters.  This was my first novel I’ve read by Carla Neggers and I will definitely be reading more!


  1. Laura, Daisy sounds like a wonderful character, Terrific review!

  2. Thank-you! She is a wonderful character - I hope to read more in this series and hope she makes another appearance! She reminds me of my own beloved Great-Grandmother.