Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mr. Darcy’s Pride & Joy by Monica Fairview (The Darcy Novels #3)

Monica Fairview is one of my favorite Austen authors.  She writes novels that you could swear have come from Jane Austen’s pen.  Mr. Darcy’s Pride and Joy is a variation.  It is Pride and Prejudice if something had varied or changed so that Darcy and Elizabeth’s path did not go exactly the way it did in the original novel.  It is interesting to see our favorite characters interacting in different ways or with new characters not in the original novel.

In Mr. Darcy’s Pride & Joy, Darcy and Elizabeth have finally expressed their love for each other after Bingley and Jane’s wedding.  All that remains for their complete happiness is for Mr. Darcy to ask Mr. Bennet for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage.  But what if Mr. Bennet refused to give his permission?  Why would he do that?  What is Mr. Darcy met with an unfortunate accident that delayed his asking Mr. Bennet?

I really enjoyed this novel and it was a quick read.  I did read Books #1 and #2 in the series, but I feel that if you read this on its own, with knowledge of the events of Pride and Prejudice, you would enjoy it just as well.  I liked seeing my favorite characters living their lives in slightly different ways. I particularly enjoyed Anne de Bourgh finally getting a chance to shine.  I also loved the thwarted romance between Darcy and Elizabeth. Their passion simmers beneath their calm exteriors threatening to break out at any moment.  It makes me wonder what will happen after they are married!

I also enjoyed that Mr. Bennet came off in this version as more of a caring father than in the original novel.  He really thought about what marriage to Mr. Darcy would mean for Elizabeth and acted accordingly, even if it did break the heart of his beloved daughter.

Favorite quotes:

“However, allow me to exercise what little wisdom comes from age and experience.  I believe the situation is more complex than you think.  I would not give my consent unless I was absolutely certain that Lizzy would not be in a powerless situation two years from now when the first flush of passion has passed.”  Mr. Bennet to Mr. Darcy.

“Don’t you fret, sir, about the young lady.  You’ll find a way to marry her.  There’s not a better man in England, if you ask my opinion.”  Briggs (valet) to Mr. Darcy.

“Darcy felt a sudden sense of shame.  He had never really asked himself how Anne felt about the whole thing.  Today for the first time he really considered what his lack of decision had meant to her.”
“His reward was a love that would endure forever.” – Last Line

Overall, Mr. Darcy’s Pride and Joy was an enjoyable variation with a great romance between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, and wonderful treatment of all of the Austen characters.  I highly recommend it.   This novel is all about a different journey to a happy ending. 

What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?

Have you ever read an Austen variation or variation on another famous author’s novels?  What did you think?

Book Source:  Review Copy from author Monica Fairview.  Thank-you!


  1. Lovely review, Laura! I'm glad you enjoyed this. I enjoyed reading your favorite quotes. I think variations or "spin offs" are wonderful, when they are well written. (I still have several P & P variations on my bookshelves left to read.)

    1. I love the Pride and Prejudice world and Monica Fairview does a great job of bringing it to life!

  2. I'm very glad you enjoyed this P&P variation, Laura. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

    1. Thank-you for writing such a great novel! I always enjoy your books. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My favourite is either Persuasion or P&P, and I have read lots of variations on Austen's works and I have a few of Gaskell's North and South to read

    Have you ever read an Austen variation or variation on another famous author’s novels? What did you think?