Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Merry Christmas Chase by Monica Fairview

I LOVE Christmas regency romances.  When I was asked by one of my favorite authors, Monica Fairview, to review her new regency romance, I jumped at the chance.  Monica Fairview has written some of the best Austen fiction that I’ve ever read and I highly recommend it (especially The Other Mr. Darcy) to all fans of Jane Austen.

The daughter of the local vicar, Cherry, is also a poacher by night.  She helps out the starving people of her small village by poaching animals from the land of the Earl of Sorrelgate Lodge.  When the new Earl, Lord Carsdale, comes to visit his property, he catches Cherry red-handed at poaching on his land.  Dressed as a young lad, Cherry is able to avoid captor, but her father decides to send her to her Aunt Lady Ashburn’s estate for safekeeping.  As the heir intended, Cherry is more than dismayed when Lord Carsdale arrives for a Christmas house party.  Will he recognize her as the poacher?  Why do sparks seem to fly whenever they are together?

I enjoyed this novella immensely.  Monica Fairview writes charming characters and completely captures the regency time period.  I loved the character of Cherry.  She was a spunky woman that cared about the people of her village enough to go against the law to care for them.  I loved her Cinderella story of going from a genteel poor daughter of a vicar to the potential heiress of a rich aunt on a grand state.  I also loved how Lord Carsdale was a Darcy like character with a haughty demeanor and certain prideful ideals that are misinterpreted by Cherry, similar to Elizabeth and Darcy.  Setting the action during a regency Christmas house party was icing on the cake.

Overall, if you are looking for a wonderful enjoyable Christmas story, you will love A Merry Christmas Chase.  It will appeal to all fans of a good, clean, light romantic story, especially fans of regency and Austen novels.

Book Source:  Review E-book copy from author Monica Fairview.  Thank-you!


  1. What a lovely review, Laura. I'm glad you enjoyed my first Christmas Regency. I enjoyed writing it. I laughed when you compared the hero to Mr. Darcy! It wasn't intended.

  2. Laura, this sounds like a wonderful Christmas novella! I enjoyed your review of this sweet romance.