Friday, April 28, 2017

I am Number 8 by John W. Gray III

I am Number 8 is subtitled overlooked, but not forgotten by God.  I thought this would be a good book to read during lent.  John W. Gray III is a pastor and uses his own personal story as well as King David’s from the Bible to point out that often you can feel overlooked by God, but he cares about everyone.

Each chapter of this book includes questions for reflection, which I enjoyed.  It also stressed that you don’t have to be seeking the spotlight, but that God will help you to find best how to serve him.  There were parts of David’s story including a “backstory” of David from a blog, which greatly confused me as it’s not part of the Biblical account.  

Truthfully, while I thought that Gray made some excellent points in this book, I was hoping for more on David’s story.  I wanted more thoughts on the Biblical story and not suspect backstories of David from blogs.  Also the style of writing in the book was hard for me to connect to.  I thought about it and I think that I would have enjoyed this more as an audiobook.  Its written more as the style of a preacher talking to his congregation so I believe audio would be the way to go.

Favorite Quote:

“See, there’s no shortage of CEOs and comedians and singers.  And truthfully, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those paths.  But there does seem to be a severe lack of principled, committed, humble, integrity-filled leaders.”  Amen to that!!

Overall, I am Number 8 is a good book about putting your best foot forward and trusting in God to reveal to you your purpose in life when the time comes. 

Source:  Review Copy from FaithWords a Hachette Book Group

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