Monday, April 1, 2019

Valentines from Bath: A Bluestocking Belles Collection by Jessica Cale, Sherry Ewing, Jude Knight, Amy Quinton, and Caroline Warfield

This is the first book I’ve read by the Bluestocking Belles and it won’t be my last.  It is no secret that I am a huge fan of regency romance.  This collection of regency tales all center on a ball that is taking place on Valentine’s Day in the Upper Assembly rooms in Bath.  I loved that different characters and circumstances appeared in various stories to create different threads that wove together to create a great overall story of the ball.

Beauty and the Bounder by Jessica Cale.  Lady Emilia is at an age where people are starting to talk about why she is still single even thought she is a beauty with a large fortune.  Emilia wants adventure in her life and someone that loves her for herself.  When she meets Seb, she realizes he is a man with secrets who is looking to marry wealth.  He may just be just what she needs.

The Earl Takes a Wife by Sherry Ewing - Celia loves Adrian, but how will she convince him that she is more than a school girl?

The Beast Next Door by Jude Knight – Charis has always taken refuge at the estate next door with her friend Eric, who others have nicknamed “the beast”.  She is happy that Eric has finally returned from a long trip abroad.  When her mother tries to force her into an unwanted marriage, will Charis be able to convince others that the “Beast” is really the man for her?

The Umbrella Chronicles by Amy Quinton – Miss Emma Merryweather is a messy young woman, but for whatever reason, when the buttoned-up professor Dr. John Hartwell comes for a visit, he can’t stop himself from wanting to be near her at all times.  Will these two different souls find a way to be together?

Candles in the Dark by Caroline Warfield – Doug Marsh is a veteran of the Napoleonic wars and is trying to get a contract for making candles for the Assembly Rooms.  Doug also tries to help out others in need, especially veterans. When he meets the mysterious Esther, he tries to help her as he can, but he also finds himself drawn to her.  What is Esther’s secret and can she and Doug find happiness?

Overall, I enjoyed all of the tales in Valentine’s from Bath.  Just when I would decide that one story was my favorite, I would read another and find a new favorite.  I love short stories and I just loved that this collection brought together a great assortment of people attending or providing supplies for a regency ball in Bath.  It was a delightful romance collection.

Book Source:  E-book Review Copy


  1. Laura,
    This sounds like a lovely collection of stories within a story! I enjoyed reading your review.

  2. I like Regency Romance, too. These stories sound like a lot of fun.

  3. So happy to read you enjoyed our box set, Laura. Thank you for the lovely review.