Friday, February 23, 2007

BSG - A Day in the Life

I got a bit behind on my favorite show this week as Ben was out of town for work so I had to wait until he returned to watch it. This episode was another "slow" one that didn't have any Cylons in it, but focused on "a day in the life," or a "normal" day on the ship.

I liked the episode a lot, mostly as I think it apealed to me emotionally as a Mom. Cally and the Chief are having marital woes mostly to do with both of them working too much and not spending enough time with their young son. Chief assigns Cally to work with him on an air lock, which does not make Cally happy. (She'd rather be with their son). While they are at work, a leak is detected in the air lock and the doors are automatically locked. They slowly, and then quickly start losing air and it is up to the BSG crew to save them. SPOILER - I must say, the action sequence where they open the air lock to space and are able to get Cally and the Chief into the ship was pretty exciting. I was also touched when Chief had the baby and they were looking at Cally in the hypothermia chamber. They were a family together and it made the Chief realize what's really important in life. I was ready to cry (I've turned into my mother!), but didn't want Ben to see the tears so I held back!

The other storyline in this episode was that it is Adama's anniversary. He has his ex-wife Caroline in his head as he thinks about the problems with their marriage and goes about his day. I didn't really care for him talking to the Caroline in his head. It reminded me too much of Balter. An interesting development was that we learn from a heated conversation with Lee, that although we had assumed Lee had Daddy issues only in the past, it turns out he had Mommy issues too. Adama left Lee with Caroline and it turns out Caroline was an abusive alcoholic. This made me wonder about Lee's attraction to Starbuck. Maybe a bit of Oedipus syndrome?

Two points annoyed me during this episode even though I try not to be too picky. One was the fact that there was no safety overide on the airlock to allow for the even that people may get trapped in it. I know the airlock was in rough shape - but still - they made it out like this is the way it would always be even if it were working correctly. The other point was, why was Helo in the briefing room with the pilots? I thought last week he was the Mayor of Dog City? And before that he was working on the bridge. I am so confused . . . !


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