Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jane Eyre (2007)

I love Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. Jane Eyre was on it last month in a two-part, four hour mini-series. I just finished watching it earlier this week (I had recorded it on my DVR).

I LOVED this new version of Jane Eyre and thought it was the best version so far. I thought Jane and Rochester were cast perfectly. And I like how it was four hours long versus a two hour movie so they could include most of the highlights of the book, including Jane's time spent with the Rivers. This mini-series didn't follow the book exactly, but I thought it's changes were good. I loved the passion between Jane and Rochester. I also liked how Bertha was portrayed as a beautiful, but mad woman. She looked more like someone that Rochester would have fallen in love with versus the usual scary looking mad lady you see in the movies. I also liked how the movie was tied together with the painting of the portrait at the beginning and the end of the mini-series. Jane was not part of the family at the beginning, but by the end she had her own family. Overall I thought this version of Jane Eyre was excellent.

If you missed Jane Eyre, the DVD is coming out next week (I think) and you can probably check it out at your local library after that point.

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