Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doctor Who

Does anyone else love Doctor Who? Ben and I really enjoy it. We got a bit behind on watching Season 2 and just finished it up this past weekend (got to love DVRs - I know I wouldn't watch quite as much TV without it!). I love it's quarky British humor. I was a bit sad at the start of this season since there was a new Doctor and I loved the old one so much. The new Doctor though is pretty funny in his own way and I've grown to enjoy watching him.

Now my new sadness at the end of Season 2 is how the show is going to go on without Rose and her cast of supporting characters (Mickey, Mom, Dad). I loved Rose!! I know that Billie Piper wanted to move on, but what was not to like about becoming a star in England from being on Doctor Who? I love Masterpiece Theatre and I'm thrilled to see that Billie Piper is in a lot of different past and upcoming productions, but I would have much rather had her stay on Doctor Who. Oh well!

I guess it's a testiment for how good the show is that it can replace the lead characters and continue on, and I still enjoy watching it.

Are there any other Doctor Who fans out there?

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