Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Hardy Boys #1: The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon

Why is Laura reading the Hardy Boys you might ask. Well, it's actually for my Kewaunee book club this month. John, one of the book club members, says that he's getting spring fever and is thinking about gardening therefore he wanted to read a quick mystery. When I look out the window and see the snow falling today, spring is far from my mind - but whatever! We had been discussing childrens' novels previous to that and found out John had never read a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys novel. We thought that was a crime and decided to have "read any Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys novel" this month.

When I was a kid, I LOVED Nancy Drew novels. Luckily the Union City library had all of the originals (and the paperback 1970's ones too) and I read them all. I also loved the updated (well at the time) Casefiles and read them too.

Although I loved Nancy Drew, I never actually read a Hardy Boys novel. So for my book club pick, I chose to start from the beginning and learn what the Hardy Boys are all about.

The Tower Treasure was an enjoyable book. I enjoyed the simplicity of the plot, and the innocence of the Hardy Boys. For those of you, like me, that don't know anything about the Hardy Boys, Frank is the oldest with dark hair and is 18, while Joe is 16 with blonde hair. Their father is the famous detective Fenton Hardy, and was once on the New York Police Force. Their mother, Laura, is a homemaker. They live in the fictional city of Bayport.

In this book, their first mystery, Frank and Joe are almost run over by a crazy driver as they ride their motorcycles on a mountain. They later spot this car smashed along side the road. The mystery driver then steals their friend Chet's bright yellow car, nicknamed "The Queen." The beginning of the book is focused on locating "The Queen," until a robbery at the Tower mansion. The owner of the mansion, Hurd Applegate, accuses his gardener, Mr. Robinson, of the crime and fires him. Mr. Robinson's son, Slim, is a classmate of the Hardy Boys. He is a smart guy and wants to go to college, but has to quit school to support his family after Mr. Robinson is fired. The Hardy Boys want to help out the Robinson family and win the $1000 reward from Mr. Applegate so they are on the case.

I enjoyed reading the novel, but I still think that Nancy Drew is better than the Hardy Boys . . .anyone else beg to differ? Also, does anyone else think that the picture of the Hardy Boys on "The Tower Treasure" makes them look like they are about 10 years old, not 16 and 18?

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