Monday, February 12, 2007

BSG - The Woman King

Last night's episode of BSG centered on Helo (Karl Agathon) and his management of a cube city of refugees on Battlestar. Why are there so many refugees on Battlestar? Ben and I were not clear on that point and why more just keep on coming. The new round of refugee arrivals were Sagittarons, a group that seems to be generally hated by all other colonists. They do not believe in medicine and have brought a disease on board that can be cured if a shot is injected in time. There are not enough shots for everyone, so it is decided just to inject people with it after they start showing the first symptoms. Dr. Mike Robert is the civilian doctor who is working in cube world, and he has a racist attitude toward the Sagittarons. He also is one of the only people who has nice things to say about Helo.

Helo starts to suspect Dr. Robert may be killing the Sagittarons as different people start to complain to him about suspicious deaths Helo tried to tell Adama and Tigh and the fleet doctor, but no one believed him.

This episode dealt with racial issues and how people get along with different believes. I like the episode, but Ben did not. I think it's because I like Helo, and he does not. Even though Helo is probably not the best officer (since he's constantly disobeying orders), I like him for doing what he believes in. He loves Sharon even though she's a Cylon and sticks with her and their baby, Hera. I like that Helo stuck up for the Sagittarons even though he didn't like them himself, because it was the right thing to do.

Other points of interest in this episode - Caprica Six had a talking Baltar in her head, which was very amusing to watch. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Why does Baltar always see Caprica Six, and vice versa? I can't wait to find out.

Also although there were a few loaded stares between Starbuck and Apolla, the love quadrangle has been put to rest for now. I'm all for a good love story, but their story had been dragging on for too long without resolution. I'll admit, since the show started, I loved the sexual tension between Starbuck and Apollo and wanted them to get together. But then Sam came into the picture. He's a hot loyal husband, who is totally in love with Starbuck. I can't see why she would want to throw that away. The Dee and Apollo romance I'm ready to see thrown away as it just annoys me. Ben and I are both bitter that they killed Billy off just so that they could make the way for Dee and Apollo to get together. Billy and Dee had such a sweet romance. Anyway - enough about the BSG Young and the Restless.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did others like it? Are others glad to see the romance getting "put to bed" for now? Why do you think Caprica Six has a talking Baltar and vice versa?

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