Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

I just watched The Devil Wears Prada over the weekend and enjoyed it. I had listened to the book on tape a couple of years ago when I was doing some rather boring HEC-2 (a DOS based hydraulic program) at work and needed to be entertained so I could stay focused. I really enjoyed the book on tape. The characters in the movie were not exactly how I pictured them, but I was willing to go with it.

This is basically the story of a newly graduated journalist, Andy (Andrea), who can't seem to get a job for any of the magazines she'd love to work for, like The New Yorker. She interviews for a job at a fashion magazine, Runway, and amazingly gets the job. The bad thing is, she is not actually writing any articles - she's an assistant to the boss from hell, Miranda Priestly. Much hilarity ensues. Andy (who is played by Anne Hathaway) eventually goes through a transformation from fashionless fun loving girl, to fashionista who's only life is her job. I did enjoy seeing her new outfits and look . . . but since it was Anne Hathaway, I kept thinking about The Princess Diaries during those scenes.

I must admit, I am not a Meryl Streep fan. She seems highly overrated to me. As I watched the movie, I was confused on why she got a best actress nomination. Then I got to the end of the movie. At the end, you finally saw the Ice Queen's vulnerable side . . . and her strengths. It made me actually like Miranda in a way (what a strong woman!), something I didn't do when only listening to the book. I was surprised!!

One thing I didn't like . . . it's the running joke throughout the movie that Andy is "fat" because she's a size six and all of the models are size 0-4. At the end, they actually have Andy lose weight and become a size 4 which one of the designer applauds her for doing. Hello - leave it that it's a joke that size 6 is not fat - don't have her cave in! And we wonder why people are anorexic!

Overall, it was a good chick flick. I watched it without Ben because it didn't really seem like a Ben kind of movie:-)

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