Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Laura's Summer TV Picks

Now that we are firmly entrenched in summer, I thought I'd talk about my favorite summer TV shows. Ben and I are still trying to catch up on last season's TV, but I've managed to watch a few things and are looking forward to more!

1. Doctor Who. I included this on my favorite shows for the 2006-07 season, but it's also a summer show as it starts up again this Friday the 6th. Quirky leading man, check. Fun adventures in both past and present, check. Unique space ship/phone booth (I know, not quite a phone booth), check. It's a fun show - and I can't wait for season three, especially after reading Joe's comment on how good it is. How do I get hooked up with the Captain Jack spinoff series? Ben and I loved Captain Jack from Season 1!!

2. Eureka. Okay, maybe Ben and I should own shares in the Sci-Fi channel as we seem to watch it A LOT. We loved Eureka last summer. It's a quirky, fun show about a town out somewhere in the northwest full of mad scientists. It's a top secret town started by the government to produce new science ahead of other countries by bringing the world's top scientists together. Jack Carter stumbles upon the town and becomes the new Sheriff. He is the every man in the town, not the mad genius that mostly inhabits it. He solves mysteries each week and makes friends with the inhabitants, who are all well rounded characters in themselves. Even if you aren't a sci-fi fan, you might find you really like this show as the characters are great and the mysteries are fun. Season 2 starts next Tuesday July 10th.

3. The 4400. We haven't started watching this season yet that is running on USA network, but we've watched the previous seasons. Ben likes to make fun of the acting (other bad actors on other shows are called "4400esque," but somehow we find ourselves still watching. It's not the most fantastic show I've ever seen, they could have made it much better, but it's still pretty good. It tells the story of 4400 people who were kidnapped randomly over the past 60 years and have suddenly all appeared at once back in the USA. These people returned with special abilities. The series explores these new abilities, the government's reaction to them, and the mystery of where they went too. Joel Gretsch stares as Tom Baldwin. I like him better now that I know he's William Shatner's son-in-law!

4. The Starter Wife. I LOVED the mini-series The Starter Wife that ran through June on USA. I wish there were more smart and sassy series like this geared toward women. Make it a real series - I'd watch it!! The mini-series is over now, but it's getting rerun on USA so watch it if you haven't already. It tells the story of Molly, a woman who is told by her husband that he wants a divorce via cell phone. Kenny, Molly's husband, is a studio head in California and Molly must try to make it in the elite world of Hollywood as a cast off "starter wife." Her friends are priceless and fun to watch in themselves. I'm reading the book now - so I'll review that at a later date.

So it looks like I'm only watching two basic cable networks this summer. Am I missing any good shows?? Let me know!


  1. here's how i got caught up with both torchwood and dr. who season three:


    you'll have to watch them on your computer, but it's worth it.

    and dr. who's season three finale (three parts) equals the season finales of both lost and bsg.

  2. p.s. the tardis isn't a phone booth, it's a british police box. as the legend goes, the chameleon circuit on the tardis failed when the good doctor stole it from his home planet of gallifrey. so, it's stuck on being a police box.