Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger (Audiobook)

I have been traveling back and forth to Milwaukee for work every other week or so and thought it would be great to have a book on CD to listen to on my travels (as well as when I'm working). Everyone Worth Knowing was a light and enjoyable book, perfect to listen too.

Lauren Weisberger is also the author of The Devil Wears Prada. This book has a similar plotline, with the industry being exposed changed to PR. The main character in this book is Bette Robinson. One day Bette can't take her overbearing boss at her boring bank job any longer and she quits. To help her get out of a pajama soap-opera soaked depression, her columnist Uncle Will calls in a favor with an old intern of his and gets Bette a job at Kelly Co. At Kelly, Bette is bascially paid to arrange parties as well as to party herself. As time goes on, she begins to be all consumed by the job as well as discovering that her personal life and job are becoming uncomfortably intertwined. There is romance, heartbreak, and drama. It made for a good listen (except for the swear words, which were not good when you've got your young son around!). I like listening to funny books. On a side note - we listened to this on our way to Minnesota last weekend and even Ben laughed out loud a few times, although I'm sure he'd deny it!

I like the well rounded side characters such as Uncle Will and Penelope. One of my favorite sections was the description of Bette's secret passion for romance novels. And how she felt ashamed and hid it until she discovered a fantastic romance novel book club. I wanted to join the book club!

On the negative side, I wasn't keen on the ending. The whole Sammy not calling for months and then showing up seemed strange to me. Bette also annoyed me at times with her loafing around her apartment for months. For being a decisive person at times, she would then refuse to make any decisions.

This book may not be great literature, but it is entertaining and funny - two things that are great in an audiobook. I recommend if you are looking for something light hearted.

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