Friday, July 13, 2007

Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer

Sprig Muslin is another light and funny Regency novel by Georgette Heyer. I really enjoyed it and it made me laugh out loud several times!

This novel tells the tale of Sir Gareth Ludlow. His high spirited fiancee died in an accident many years previous to the start of the novel. Gary has decided he will never find love again and to just marry a friend, Lady Hester Theale, for convenience. Lady Hester is 29 and labeled an old maid - she also has ideas of her own about getting married!

On the way to propose to Lady Hester, Gary meets up with a young girl, Miss Amanda "Smith" in a local inn scandelously without a chaparone. Gary decides to chaparone her until he can find out who her family is. Hilarity ensues, especially with all of Amanda's tales and adventures. The scraps and misunderstandings were fantastic!

I'd recommend skipping the foreword. The author of the foreword basically tells you the whole plot before you start the novel without giving any insite. It's as if she was forced to write it and had nothing really to say!

I really like Georgette Heyer novels. She has a quick wit to her writing and it's set in the Regency period, which I love . Her novels also don't have all of the sex in the them that modern novels do - and I like that. There are only so many descriptions of "sheaths," "swords," etc. that I can take!

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