Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson

The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson is a young adult science fiction novel that is the February pick for my Mom's Club book club. It was a very quick read as it is a young adult novel.

The Girl Who Owned a City is the children's version of I Am Legend. In this story, all adults over the age of 12 have been klled by a deadly virus. The children left have to learn to survive on their own. Some children form roaming gangs that hurt other children for their food, but Lisa decides to get the children she knows together to take over the high school and form her own city. She uses her wits to find food and to form defenses against the roaming gangs of children. One day Lisa makes a tragic mistake and her dream of the perfect city of the future in imperiled.

This book was an interesting read. As a child, I'm sure I would have loved it - a world without adults! As an adult I'm disturbed about the possibilities of what would happen to my son (and future son) in a world with no adults. For small children - it would be a death sentence if they didn't have older siblings. I liked the book overall, but I'm sure that it would be an awesome book for tweens that like science fiction.


  1. is there a second 1

  2. Even though it said in the author biography that Nelson was at work on a follow-up novel, I haven't found one on amazon.com or ebay. Let me know if you find one!

  3. The squeal was never printed because the publishers believed that it did not live up to the first book but O.T. Nelson did write a squeal...where it is, we may never know.

  4. That stinks! I hope that someday it comes out. Maybe we'll have to start a petition to the publisher!