Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell

I'm a bit behind with my reviews. I actually finished this book about a week ago. It is the February book club pick for my Kewaunee book club.

Interred With Their Bones is a Shakespeare thriller trying to ride the Da Vinci Code wave. It tells the story of Katherine Stanley, a young PhD Shakespeare student who gave up the life of academia to direct Shakespeare plays at the Globe in London. One day her old advisor shows up, gives her a gift of a brooch and is found murdered later in the day. Katherine's adventures begin at that point and she starts her travels to the U.S. and back to Europe to try to find where the gift leads - to Shakespeare's lost play and also to the true identity of Shakespeare.

I thought this book was much better than The Book of Air and Shadows, another Shakespeare thriller I read a few months ago. Although it was better, it was still only a mediocre read and not nearly as thrilling as The DaVinci Code. I thought the plot was too convoluted. I became confused on whether Katherine was searching for the lost play or Shakespeare's identify. And the questions surrounding Shakespeare's identity were never truly answered. It was an interesting book to read, but not the best.

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