Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ocean's Thirteen

Ben and I watched Ocean's Thirteen over the weekend and enjoyed it. Ben especially enjoyed the 1960's inspired soundtrack as did Kile. Kile was happily playing, but whenever he heard the music, his head would start bopping!

Ocean's Thirteen finds George Clooney (Danny), Brad Pitt (Rusty), Matt Damon (Linus), and the rest of the crew thankfully back in Las Vegas. Eccentric and wealthy former casino owner (and one of the original 11) Reuban is strong-armed into giving up his share of a new casino to Willy Bank (Al Pacino). This causes Reuban to have a heart attack. Determined to give Reuban a reason to live again, Danny Ocean gathers the gang together to ruin Willy Bank's new casino by not allowing him to get a five diamond rating and by rigging it so that so many people win that the casino is financially ruined.

I thought the movie was enjoyable and liked how they gave it a 60's vibe with the music and coloring. It was much better than Ocean's 12, but I think that Ocean's 11 is still the best of the three. I missed Julia Roberts in this one!

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