Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earth Song by Catherine Coulter

Life has been pretty stressful lately so I thought it was high time for some escapism reading. I picked up this novel that Ben's Mom loaned me on my nightstand and read it rather quickly this week.

Earth Song is part of a "Song" series of books by Coulter, but I haven't read any of the other novels in the series. This novel is a pretty typical romance, headstrong heroine, manly hero, misunderstandings, raw passion, etc. There is also a bit of humor in it, which is nice. The novel is set in 13th century England. Phillipa de Beauchamp accidently is so beautiful that her sister's suitors inevitably fall for her instead of her poor sister. One day Phillipa accidently hears her father tell one of these wayward suitors that she is intended for a "fat old man with no teeth." She decides to run away from home by hiding in a wool wagon. The wool wagon is captured by a a poor nobleman that considers himself a rogue, Dienwald de Fortenberry. Phillipa becomes his prisoner, but is able to use her skills as her father's steward and in weaving to help Dienwald manage his manor better. The fiery pair have many misunderstandings, but find love.

It was a good, quick, and fun romance. Not heavy reading, but it was something fun to read.

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